Storage Tips

If you have any specific questions about our storage units, please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions, or contact us today to speak to one of our staff members.

  • Make sure to thoroughly vacuum and clean all upholstered furniture, as one crumb is enough to attract pests. Also, make sure to check pockets of clothing for food or candy.

  • Limit the size of your boxes. Using only one or two different sizes makes them easier to stack. For heavier items, use multiple smaller boxes to allow for easier lifting.

  • Filling boxes completely prevents them from collapsing. You can use styrofoam, bubble wrap, or newsprint to fill an excess area. Sealing boxes completely will prevent damage from dust.

  • To maximize your storage space, keep a stool handy so you can reach higher areas.

  • Keep your boxes organized and labeled. This allows you to quickly and easily retrieve items when you need them.

  • The more you are able to disassemble furniture, the more you can maximize your space and make moving and lifting easier.

  • Make sure to cover all bedding and mattresses with covers. Mattress covers, boxes and assorted moving supplies are available in our offices at great prices.

  • Never store any food, including canned goods.  It will attract pests. 

  • Make sure to strategize the placement of items in your unit. Items that you will retrieve frequently should stay towards the front, while valuable items should be towards the back.

  • Take inventory of your valuables before storing them. You may want to consider taking photographs of high-value items.

  • Utilize pallets to prevent bedding, mattresses, and other items from coming in contact with the floor. Pallets are also great for allowing air to circulate.

  • Make sure to drain the fuel tanks of motorized tools or vehicles before storing them. The fumes can quickly build up in a small space and result in all of your items smelling like gasoline.

  • Avoid storing liquids in storage units that aren’t climate controlled. They can freeze and explode in the winter, potentially damaging other items. Items like candles may also melt in the summer.

  • Place drop cloths over your belongings to prevent dust buildup.

  • Stay organized and leave a clear path that allows you to more easily access your belongings.

  • Visit your storage unit regularly and allow the air to circulate for a few moments to prevent mildew and musty smells.

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