What Not to Store in a Storage Unit

"Self storage units are a good solution for storing all kinds of things: furniture, books, clothes, dishes, garden furniture and cats. What? No, your cat definitely falls into the category "What not to store in a storage unit."

Of course, self-service storage units are not made for animals, but it isn't always easy to know what you can and can’t actually store in them. Just because it's allowed, doesn't mean it's recommended. Here’s a short list of things you really shouldn’t be leaving in your storage unit.

Hazardous materials

For safety reasons, you can’t store hazardous materials such as toxic or flammable products. So gasoline, propane, oil, paint, explosives, fireworks and corrosive waste are all on the list. Similarly, dangerous items such as weapons and ammunition don’t belong in a storage unit.

Perishable food

Perishable foods are the enemy of self-storage services. Although cans aren’t a problem, perishable foods can attract unwelcome pests. Scented candles and soaps can also be attractive to vermin."

Check out the full article at: https://www.yellowpages.ca/tips/what-not-to-store-in-a-storage-unit/

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